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The Etiquette of Keeping in Touch

The Etiquette of Keeping in Touch

In today’s digital world keeping in touch is easier than ever before. From texting to FaceTime to commenting on a loved one’s social media post, we can keep those dearest to us only a click away. While these communication methods may be the easiest, there is still something special about selecting a particular greeting card and communicating through a loving, handwritten note.

Greeting cards are a thoughtful and timeless way to keep in touch with family and friends. From birthdays and holidays to retirements and ongoing correspondences, this article will explore the etiquette of keeping in touch.

If You Receive, Reply

The first rule of keeping in touch is reciprocation. If a friend or loved one takes the time to send you a message, the polite thing to do is respond in a timely manner. Thank them for the message, and answer any questions they may have asked. Feel free to include additional information about you and your family’s lives, and inquire about those on the receiving end of your letter.

If the message you received was through a medium like email, send your reply as a handwritten card. This will not only delight your loved one, but with luck, will likely start an ongoing, handwritten correspondence between the two of you!

Special Occasions

Keep a list of your loved one’s birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, and other special occasions. Sending a card to help them celebrate shows that you’re paying attention to the details of their life, and you want them to feel loved.


It goes without saying that holidays like Hanukkah and Christmas are excellent times to send family and friends a greeting card. But why not go the extra mile and surprise them with a Halloween or Thanksgiving greeting? For all those we care about, it’s always the right time to keep in touch.  

Thank You Notes

Whether you received a special gift, money or flowers, the proper response is to send a thank you note as soon as possible. Tell the sender how much you appreciate the gift and why. If possible, include a photo of yourself smiling and enjoying the item they sent. Then, create a reminder to also send them something special when another gift-giving holiday or birthday rolls around!

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