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How To Display Your Christmas Cards

How To Display Your Christmas Cards

As Christmas draws near, you’ll likely begin to receive more and more Christmas cards from your friends and family. While receiving holiday cards from loved ones is one of the highlights of the season, the question remains—what should you do with your cards once you’ve received them and read the message inside? Of course, you could stuff them in a desk drawer or throw them out, but it’s much more fun to work them into your holiday decor. With these tips and craft projects below, you can create a fun, festive display that will last you this holiday season and beyond!

Displaying Your Christmas Cards

Who doesn’t love to go all out with Christmas decor? From decorating the Christmas tree to stringing lights outside on the house to hanging fun, festive décor on the walls inside, you are limited only by the number of decorations you have on hand to display.

That brings us to your Christmas Cards. Did you know you can incorporate them into your home decorations? A few ideas to consider include:

  • Proudly place them on the mantle. If you have a fireplace mantle, consider clearing space to make room for your Christmas cards! You can add a couple bookends of Christmas decor to complete the festive effect.
  • Create a Christmas card bulletin board. If you enjoy corkboards or collages, consider buying one to display your Christmas cards. Arrange them in a fun way within the frame of the board and hang it in an appropriate room of your home.
  • Use cards as Christmas tree ornaments. Your Christmas tree is the focal point of your Christmas decor. Consider nestling your cards into the boughs of the tree or hanging them from string. 

Crafting With Christmas Cards

Christmas card crafts are another fun way to display your Christmas cards and delight guests when they join you for the holidays. Crafting allows you to show your appreciation for the card and the sender as well as engaging your creativity and decorating skills. This can also be a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy together!  For example, you can:

  • Make a colorful holiday wreath using Christmas cards
  • Create a collage or a scrapbook
  • Make a Christmas card tree
  • Cut images from the cards and place them inside clear Christmas tree ornaments
  • Create Christmas card origami
  • Cut them into fun smaller-sized shapes to use as a present topper or gift tag
  • String them along some garland, ribbon, or beaded string to adorn your stairwell or walls.

How Long Should You Display Your Christmas Cards?

Like with your holiday decor, displaying your Christmas cards can’t last forever. In most cases, the best guideline is to take down your Christmas decorations the first week of January. But since you now have some Christmas card craft and display ideas, you don’t have to throw those cards out! Recycle them for next year and even experiment with some new crafts!

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