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Best Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

Best Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (May 8), and we all know a mom, grandma, aunt, sister or friend who deserves to be celebrated! Flowers, a beautiful card, or Sunday brunch are all great ways to show the moms in your life that they are amazing and loved. (Tip: shopping early for a Mother’s Day card ensures you’ll find one that has exactly the right message to fit her personality.)

But what about other gift ideas? As it turns out, what moms want most for Mother’s Day depends on the age of their children. Those with small children often want a break from the usual “mom duties,” while mothers with busy older kids like nothing more than quality time spent with their family. And certainly everyone loves a token of appreciation! Here are six gift ideas to make this Mother’s Day shine.

1. Give Her a Break

When they say parenthood is “the hardest job you’ll ever love,” they’re not kidding. You can love your kids with all your heart, and still need a break from parenting every now and then. That’s why mothers often list enjoying a day away or going on a mini vacation as one of their favorite gift ideas. Giving her some quiet time alone without responsibilities, or letting her sleep in are gifts that cost nothing and are truly appreciated.

2. A Clean House and No Dishes

We know that moms aren’t the only ones tasked with keeping the house tidy (thank goodness), but let’s face it: it’s still one of the main things we do as parents. Everyone from toddlers to teens, partners, and adult children can pitch in to make Mom’s world sparkle. Meal planning and cleaning up are other tasks typical of daily life, but not always everyone’s favorite part. Making Mom a special breakfast or dinner while leaving the kitchen cleaner than you found it is a gift straight from the heart that she’ll never forget!

3. The Gift of Self-Care

Including herself on the list of “people to take care of” is a struggle for many moms. That’s why a beautiful journal, a class for something she’s been wanting to learn, or supplies for a hobby she enjoys let Mom know she’s noticed and appreciated for more than just what she can do for others. Providing her a massage, manicure/pedicure, facial, salon visit, or gift certificate to her favorite store are other ways to make her feel cared for.  

4. A Trip Down Memory Lane

There are now numerous ways to turn photos into a special gift items, whether mini photo albums, poster prints, personalized mugs, blankets, ornaments… the possibilities are endless! If the photo gift features her kids or grandkids, it’s guaranteed to be a hit with Mom! To make it even more special, write a thoughtful message to accompany it. What makes the mom in your life different from other moms? What is something you learned from her, or makes you smile when you think of her? A list of fill-in-the-blank questions can help kids contribute their ideas and will make them feel actively involved, too.

5. Shiny Things

What better way to say, “I treasure you” than with…well, treasures! Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. However, it can be tricky to predict what someone else will like. To get started, think about what colors Mom tends to wear, her particular interests, even what types of art she puts on the walls. These clues will help you find an ideal gift that demonstrates you were specifically thinking of her (which is the REAL gift!).

6. Quality Time

As previously mentioned, if you have a busy life of your own, chances are good that your mom misses you. One of the best gifts you can give her is YOUR time. Plan a time when you can do something together that you both enjoy, and make a special effort to be fully present when you’re with her. Put away the phone, be in the moment, and ask her questions about her life.

There are as many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day as there are moms. Ultimately, the day is about honoring all the love, hard work, and sacrifice that goes into parenting, and celebrating the unique person who has brought so much joy into your life and the world. Make this Mother’s Day one to remember for you both!

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