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5 Mother’s Day Traditions Around the World

5 Mother’s Day Traditions Around the World

Mother’s Day in the United States is a time when we express our love and appreciation for mothers through various gestures,  like giving flowers, chocolates or cakes, wine, cards, or something unique she loves. But beyond American shores, celebrating Mother’s happens in many ways, reflecting the diverse cultures around the world. Journey with us through different countries to explore their unique traditions of honoring mothers.


The Divine Celebration of Durga Puja

The festival of Durga Puja in India is a vibrant homage to the goddess Durga, who represents the divine strength of motherhood. This 10-day event occurs every year in October and has deep historical roots that go back hundreds of years. Families use this time for religious offerings and reunions, reaffirming the nurturing qualities of mothers by visiting others and exchanging homemade treats.


Carnation Tributes Post-War

After enduring the hardships of World War II, Japan integrated Mother's Day into its culture. Gifting carnation flowers is a significant and symbolic gesture to celebrate Mothers. Red carnations are for the living, and white carnations honor the absent. People also show their gratitude by attaching handwritten notes to the meaningful bouquets.


Antrosht's Joyful Family Festivities

Ethiopia's Antrosht festival, a joyous family gathering, follows the rainy season (around mid-September). It's an occasion that celebrates family ties and the matriarchal energy that sustains them by preparing decadent feasts, engaging in traditional songs and dances, and sharing stories.

United Kingdom

The Legacy of Mothering Sunday

In the United Kingdom, Mothering Sunday is a day for families to reminisce and show their love, appreciation, and gratitude to mothers. It traditionally occurs during Lent and originated as a religious event. On Mothering Sunday, children return home with gifts like cakes and daffodils representing rebirth and new beginnings.


Honoring Mothers of Large Families

Following the devastation of World War I, France began the tradition of awarding medals to mothers with large families. Now encapsulated in the Fête des Mères, families typically celebrate with a unique flower-shaped cake and a heartfelt display of appreciation towards all family members, advocating for an atmosphere of acknowledgment and gratitude within the domestic circle.

Embracing Maternal Appreciation Globally

Though customs are different all across the globe, the essence of Mother's Day everywhere is to honor and appreciate the pivotal role of mothers and maternal figures. These traditions emphasize the influence mothers have in nurturing and guiding future generations.

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